Jennifer Eberle 


My son started working with Meryl this summer. He is in 8th grade and has has speech therapy in school since first grade, Meryl is the first therapist to give Jake exercises to relax his jaw and tongue exercises as well. I am already hearing an improvement in the few months she has worked with him.


Lucy Padovano


I have been going to Merrill for a very long time.Merrill is very kind and helpful. I had 3 of my kids involved and each one of them I saw an improvement. I take her consideration very seriously because she is looking out for my kids best interest.



My autistic child receives both speech and occupational therapies at Mid State Therapy Associates. My son is treated with the utmost respect and care. He has made great strides with Jackie (Speech) and Tami (OT) . Jackie is experienced in working with augmentative devices. The therapists at Mid State are always available to discuss any questions or concerns I may have. They provide valuable feedback in order to bridge the gap between the home environment and the therapy settings. Mid State Therapy is very flexible with scheduling and are very prompt.

Teresa Weissert 


My son just turned 10 and has been going to Merrill for a year and a half and we see a positive change in my son. Merrill is fabulous and really knows how to reach my son and his needs.


Diane Yusko


The staff was wonderful and professional. I enjoyed my visit, and would recommend the practice when the situation arises. KUDOS!


Dana Virga


My daughter Giuliana started with Karen and Virgina back in April. I had moved here not knowing much about the town, my daughter was recently given an ASD diagnosis and she was in the less than 25% for both fine motor and speech. I’m so proud to say that now, 7 months later, my daughter is thriving. We no longer carry the ASD diagnosis but rather just “Speech Delayed”. She is speaking in phrases and today is “graduating” from her OT services. I cannot say enough about these ladies, not only did they give my daughter the care and tools she needed, but they were there for me on an emotional level. They always gave there time to listen to my concerns, talk out all the progress and setbacks and come up with plans to move forward. My child is a new child. It’s very emotional for me because I feel like I’m re-getting to know my daughter. There is a saying “it takes a village”. I like to think that family, friends, teachers, and therapists… are all part of our team. Thank you Karen and Virgina for being part of our DREAM TEAM. ♡♡

Kelly Conneen


My husband has been working with Karen for the past year and there has been excellent progress with his aphasia. Karen is so caring and so experienced in this field and has become an integral part of my husband’s support system. I would recommend MidStates therapy highly for anyone looking for caring attitudes and excellent results.

Emma C


Michelle, Jackie and Karen have always gone above and beyond to help my child succeed. I can count on their expertise and support beyond the therapy sessions. Impossible to put into words how grateful and thankful I am to have met these truly exceptional individuals. My son has been receiving speech for about 5 years now at Mid State, and I could have not chosen a better place. Beautiful things happen when people have their heart in the right place and -lucky us- at the right time.

Alice Colao


Ms Merrill is wonderful. She understands many ways to work with children who have additional needs. We are excited to have her in youngest son’s life.

Rebecca Zuniga


My son started seeing Ms. Karen in April with little language. Ms. Karen has taught him so much and now he is talking in sentences. She goes above and beyond for her clients. She answers any questions that I have and is great moral support. You can tell that she loves all her “kids.” I am so grateful that we found her. I highly recommend her.


Beth Bernstein


Both of my children have been going to Meryl for a very long time.When we first started going both of my kids could not talk. They both started talking at around 3 years old. Meryl extremely helped with them. Meryl is very professional! She gives excellent feedback. She tries to make her schedule very flexible. My kids who are adults now are very happy with her. I would highly recommend Meryl and everyone at Midstate Therapy!


Amanda Witkowski


I think that going to speech has really helped me, I️ notice my grades have been going up. I️ also love talking to my teacher here at speech she listens to everything I️ say, she respects me and I️ think she is very kind and I love coming here and I️t is definely an honor to have the teacher I️ have at speech


Christina R


My son has been working with Virginia Villafane for several months after frequenting two other therapy places unsuccessfully over the past two years. Virginia was able to diagnose and help my husband and I understand the scope of my sons sensory processing disorder, as well as recognize a visual motor weakness that was never brought to our attention before. She brought clarity to an otherwise unclear disability that he had. She continues to support us with strategies to make his life and ours function smoothly. She is an asset to Midstate and is a valued member of our support team!



We have been bringing my son for about 4 years now. Truly thankful to the person that recommended them to me. These professionals have always gone above and beyond the speech therapy to help us advocate for our child. Forever thankful.


Kristina Ristaino


My son is seven years old and has autism. We have been coming here for 2 1/2 yrs and we see Karen for Speech and Virginia for OT. Both ladies are absolutely amazing and we are blessed that we found them. It’s a wonderful program, they always go above and beyond to provide stupendous services. Thank you for all you do and to everyone who’s involved in this fantastic program.

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