Myofunctional Therapy

The Myofunctional Therapy program that is offered is called the Swallow Right Program. It is a 12 Lesson Program.


The first 5 lessons focus on strengthening the muscles of the tongue that have not been used due to  the incorrect swallowing pattern.
The next 2 lessons focus on learning the new correct swallowing pattern.
The last 5 lessons focus on the new swallowing pattern becoming habitual or automatic.
Merrill, SLP, has been using this program exclusively. It works!
All children are born thrusting. Most of them switch over to a “mature” swallowing pattern. If they don’t …you will see a tongue thrust. Tongue thrust is a swallowing pattern in which the individual pushes the tongue against or between the teeth. You will see the lip and facial muscles tense, perhaps to keep the food, liquid or saliva from being pushed forward out of the mouth.


The most common “causes” of tongue thrust cited are:


Improper infant feeding
Enlarged tonsils and adenoids
Mouth breathing
Thumb and finger sucking
Pacifier use
Genetic factors


What associated oral behaviors are present:


Drinks large amounts of liquid with meals, washing down the food
Habitually rests the tongue against or between the teeth
Sucks the thumb, finger,tongue
Bites fingernails, pencils,etc.
Breathes through the mouth
Protrudes the tongue to meet the liquid or food
Open mouth posture


A tongue thrusting pattern can be closely associated with dental problems and speech

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